Liz Powell 

​ Couples Workshop Facilitator

​​​Kind words...

I signed up for these sessions to better prepare for our marriage life together.  One of the issues that I wanted to address was learning to express my feelings, ensuring better communication tactics.  I also learned how to ask rather than expect.  I am slowly learning to live a healthier lifestyle through exercise and being more open with my partner.  Liz was great.  She was clear and concise in explaining how each session would go.  She was always prompt with her email responses.  I recommend these sessions to any other couple that is looking for premarital sessions.  – G.G.

 I wanted to become better at communicating.  Through our sessions we found ways to come to compromised solutions and I discovered how to initiate.  I also wanted to learn how to be healthier and how to understand my partner more.  I learned how to better myself towards her.  – J.R.

I wanted to get a good grasp on what we could work on as a couple to have a lasting, happy marriage.  I also want to have [connection] with the person that was going to make us man and wife.  I also wanted to see how we were doing as individuals and I feel we grew in this area.  I believe that I grew in my personal goal to be more open about my past and to get over the fear of talking about it.  This allowed our relationship to become stronger.  Liz is able to read situations in the way that both sexes can express themselves and has a way of expressing it back to the couple.  I would confidently refer Liz to other couples. - R.J.

I signed up for these sessions to better prepare for marriage and to improve our relationship.  The issue that I desired to work on was the way in which we, as a couple, interacted with in-laws and I believe we grew in this area.  I grew in and learned how to become more flexible in each situation and this helped me to feel closer to my partner.  I would recommend Liz to others who are looking for pre-marital strengthening, as she is sweet, yet firm, and fair in her approach.  She has a way of making you feel very comfortable. - K.R.

The reason why we took these sessions was that we were getting married and needed counsel in order to get married.  We thought these premarital sessions were helpful to take before getting married.
My mother heard about Prepare Enrich and so Prepare Enrich Canada guided us to Liz.  One of the problems that I wanted to resolve with my partner was the way in which we listen and communicate.  Job security and finances were topics that we didn’t communicate well in but now we are more cautious with our spending and are listening to one another about spending.  Liz makes you feel comfortable when talking about difficult topics but she and Neil help you grow. – W.H.

I knew that by taking these sessions it would be good for us because you grow emotionally closer and develop a deeper level of understanding.  During these sessions I found that by  learning to listen better it helped me come to understand my fiancé better. I would recommend these sessions to other couples, as they will learn more about each other. – J.H.

I sought pre-marital mentoring in order to address issues surrounding different life experiences- previous marriage, stepchildren and issues surrounding dating in general.  I wanted to solidify where we were at financially as we had different bank accounts and needed to have similar goals.  During our sessions I got a better idea of my step-parenting role and it was a process that spring-boarded to further discussions.  Liz provided concise feedback and was also time efficient.  I would have no problem referring others to Liz.  – J.K.

I wanted our sessions to be very intentional in dealing with potential challenges in our relationship.  I wanted assistance with how to better manage stress; although it remains in process it significantly helped to talk about issues.  Liz provided a creative, safe place, which I think helped to make our discussions more relaxed.  - K.K.

I wanted to get out on a regular basis and find it hard to plan these things. It was great to get out and actually go to a nice place with great food to relax. I think anyone starting out in a relationship could benefit from these sessions. These nights help you to plan things together, which can be so hard. Liz is professional, happy, eloquent and deeply sincere. – B.D.

These are Date Nights with purpose! Being married for a long time, our relationship was good but I believe it could be great. I feel we need to reconnect at this stage in our marriage. Realistically, any couple can benefit from doing a Couple Checkup, there are always things that could be better. I felt these nights to be encouraging, as they showed me our strengths/weaknesses and gave us time as a couple to discuss them further. Liz has positive energy, is honest, organized and caring. – E.S.

I wanted to support this business as I believe with my whole heart that this kind of business is exactly what our society needs- vibrant marriages! I found the workshops to be tricky to plan, as we are so busy. I would have preferred to have taken the workshops longer as there was a lot of material to cover. The location was a real treat! – C.D.

I approached these workshops as an opportunity to refocus on each other. I found the checkup and talking with a plan was helpful. My wife thought it would be a great idea- she is always correct. These workshops would be great for couples and some of their closer friends; I think you can feel more relaxed. These nights created in me a desire to communicate, and a space to listen and be heard.  Liz is all-inclusive and sincere when she asks how you are doing. We signed up for the 3- biweekly sessions but could have benefited from the 6 bi-weekly sessions. We will continue our couple-work in months ahead. – B.S.

Liz is a people person, who sees the bigger picture. – J.K.

Liz has spoken into my life and she is a voice of encouragement…. She is trustworthy, and kindhearted. – V.F.

The reason I was Liz’s client was, it was like I was with Batgirl… She can really relate to a person. – B.C.

Liz has a strength of character; is honest and has the ability to articulate. – T.R.

She has a way of making you feel special, very accommodating. She has an amazing soul and is very calming, gentle personality. – J.B.

I attended my first parent support meeting not knowing what to expect. Thankfully, Liz was one of the facilitators and I immediately felt at ease. She is kind, compassionate, caring and has a knack for saying the exact thing you need to hear when you need to hear it. I started to look forward to the groups just to interact with Liz, whom I felt had such knowledge and understanding of my issues. When she announced she was moving on to other projects and priorities, I respected her decision but knew that the support group wouldn’t be the same without her. I did attend one or two sessions after she left, but I just didn’t come away from them feeling the same. Liz helped me to put a new perspective on some tough situations and taught me how to effectively tackle my issues. I would highly recommend Liz as someone who is capable and interested in helping anyone through their own tough times. – K.S. 
Liz laughs easily and is truthful to herself and others. She is adventurous. She has her priorities straight. – C.M.

I loved our chats, her warmth and sense of humour. She is curious and open-minded… I look forward to going to workshops and collaborating professionally with Liz.  – J.K.

I have been a client of Liz’s for 21 years. She is determined, committed, reflective and creative. – J.S.

I was a client of Liz’s for 23 years. She has a dedication to fulfill her life goals, work and family. – A.B.

I came to Liz as a referral. I stayed because she was reasonably priced, was an expert in her work and most importantly, connected with me. I was a client for well over 20 years. She has an attention for detail and a caring attitude. She is a great listener. – M.L.

Liz is confidential, wise, a thinker, creative, imaginative, and assertive. She will get the best out of you. – B.K.

For what I would receive, Liz was reasonably priced. Once I got to know her, I looked forward to being in her presence, learning from her and sharing. Her artistry, warmth, and caring for people is her life ability. – J.C.

I came to Liz because of the personal connection. She was easy going, listened well and was genuinely interested in me.

– R.M.

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