Liz Powell 

​ Couples Workshop Facilitator

Licensed PrepareEnrich Facilitator

Sharing stories breathes inspiration into our lives. Our stories are what shape and mold us and they form our beliefs and values. The people who have positively influenced us along the way can assist us in building trusting, secure, loving relationships. Some of us, however, have had challenges in our family systems and so trust is often the number one skill that is missing when we meet our perfect someone. In general, when we meet people we may form judgements about them before we actually get to know them. However when we take a moment to step back and listen, really listen, to what another person shares, it is only then that we’ll know them.

I have always valued one-on-one conversation and have been intrigued about the way people deal with having difficult conversations. Everyone has their own way of dealing with these difficult conversations; either through avoidance or assertiveness. I am not one to shy away from difficult conversations believing that this is really where honesty and trust are formed. Having spent over twenty years in the customer service industry I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in knowing how to interact with people and handle challenging situations. There I learned how to help people when they were feeling at their lowest – by encouraging self-worth and self-esteem.

Neil and I have been married for 25 years. We are the proud parents of a pre-teen daughter who constantly teaches and challenges us in ways we never imagined. This is truly one of life’s greatest rewards.

Together we have mentored pre-marital and married couples using Prepare-Enrich Canada’s material for 9 years. We have experience working with many couples (i.e. cross cultural, inter-faith, cohabiting, second marriages, and empty-nesters).